So no rant after all

In the last blog I promised another rant but it was so long ago I seem to have got over it. The rant was following the exhibition we saw at the Natural History Museum called ‘Otherworlds. Visions of our Solar system’ which was a photographic exhibition by Michael Benson, featuring original music by Brian Eno. The music was excellent but I cannot get it as a CD. The whole exhibition was really good but the rant was that it seems to be the thing to do to go to an exhibition with your ipad and simply take photo’s of each exhibit and the writing on the wall telling you about it. Consequently you do not stop to look at the work at all, you take it home and maybe look at it again on your ipod. Sigh!

Since then I have been to two other exhibitions, one of Rebecca Salter’s work and the second at the Barbican by Imran Qureshi. The one at the Barbican is on til 10th July and I recommend it, well, they were both well worth visiting but Rebecca’s has finished now but please do look at her website to see her lovely work. They were very different exhibitions and certainly the one at the Barbican you could not have taken your ipad in to photograph, it was very dark except for the spotlights on the individual works. The work made me want to rush off and use gold again, so beautiful yet so dark. If I am up in town before 10th July I will go again, one look wasn’t enough. The Georgia O’Keefe at the Tate Modern starts on the 6th July so maybe I can see them both on the same day. If it is as good I hope I may have to go to the Georgia O’Keefe more than once which would probably make it worth joining the Tate.

So, what are you up to now I hear you ask. Well, I’ve gone circular, which isn’t surprising really. Firstly I wove bubbles, then I wove 3d spheres and now I am weaving circular tapestries. The first two are only about 25 centimetres in diameter, the third is about 70 centimetres.

This was the first:

Blue 2


And this was the second:

BLue - Forties

Ooh – that’s a bit blurred but you get the idea.

And this is the current one.

Blue three


The black bits are chenille – as well as gold I have started a love affair with chenille. This is because when you put it into a tapestry the light doesn’t reflect off it so it looks like a hole. Well, it does to me anyway. I am about a third of the way up this one at the moment and would like to finish it by the end of the month but we will see, I started it on the 20th May so when people ask me how long it took I can tell them. Don’t they always ask? And is it really important? I am not so sure but you will have heard me witter about that already.

I have definitely gone back to bubbles and spheres and started looking at the work of the scientist Helen Czerski who researches bubbles especially in foam as the connection between the sea and the air. I have also gone back to reading a book by Peter Sloterdijk which I got whilst at college. It is interesting that it has taken me nearly a year since finishing college to pick up a book and I seem to understand what I am reading, unlike when I was at college. There was just no headspace at all and I don’t know why. I have only just started doing the sort of work I should have done at college.

Sorry this blog has turned out a long one. I must try to blog more often but smaller. Apparently as an artist you should spend 50% of your time producing work and 50% of your time marketing, blogging and trying to sell your work generally. That just isn’t enough studio time as far as I am concerned.




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