Back again

So, having promised to blog more often here I am.

The larger round blue piece is coming along nicely:IMG_0748

The blends are proving a little tricky, it is quite difficult to decide what blend I am using when I get to the end of a length of yarn so I have colour coded them with beads – I suppose a bit like lace bobbins. Not that I have ever done bobbin lace but I believe the beads on the end of the bobbins mean something to the lacemaker. I think most weavers put the number of the colour blend on the cartoon but my cartoons are always a loose in that respect.

The background turns very green in the top left hand corner and the yarn I thought was going to be the perfect green turns out not to be so there was a small amount of urgent dyeing some over the weekend, you can see the green just emerging around the top black spot on the left hand side. The highest part is about 2 inches from the middle so it is growing well.

It would be nice to know what it is ‘about’ as art seems to have to be about something. I am not quite sure what my work is about at the moment so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I have recently heard that the second Heallreaf exhibition is almost definitely certainly (!) going to happen. It looks like the PV will be on the 5th May next year with the exhibition on from the 6th to the 13th. When I have absolutely definitely got agreement I will contact the jurers I am going to ask and then put out the call for entries. I am also hoping to get some Arts Council funding and take it to another gallery but I cannot do anything on that score until I get the West Dean end of it confirmed.

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