Here is an image of the postcard I have just sent off to Mexico. The exhibition is called ‘Travelling Tapestry: Textile Mail Art’ and will be held at The Museo Textil de Oaxaca (MTO – Textile Museum of Oaxaca) and the Museo de la Filatelia de Oaxaca (MUFI – Philately Museum of Oaxaca). I was in a bit of a quandry what to weave, it had to be postcard sized and that isn’t very big for tapestry, I thought of various things like a very British red postbox but everything was too detailed so I just went for the edge of the stamp and the franking mark. I love franked stamps, there is something wonderful about the way the circle is nearly there but tends to be interrupted by the thickness of the stamp itself and it goes a bit blobby.  It is best if it is still on the envelope but regretably these days the chance of seeing a franked stamp in your post is very slim. Technology eh? I always think the unfranked envelopes look sad, sort of unfinished or unused. Why the red background, lots of little reasons I guess, one is that although you can buy birthday cards with red envelopes many years ago when I worked in a sub postoffice technically you could not send anything in a red envelope, bright colours like that were against the rules. I found out recently that you can no longer send a parcel tied up with string, presumably because the string can get caught in the machinery. PJ thought it might be touch and go whether I could send the tapestry, it has to go just as it is sewn onto a piece of very thick card, not in an envelope or anything. I tied all the ends in to make sure there was no ‘string’ hanging out so fingers crossed it gets there okay.

I called this piece ‘Postcards Home’ which was also the name of the very first folk music album I bought by a singer called Bob Davenport. Brilliant LP, I think I’ve still got it somewhere.


I also spent today taking some photographs. I really must get to grips with the camera and I was going to do a photography/photoshop day at the beginning of July but it has been cancelled but I thought well, you bought some Calla lilies yesterday to photograph so get on with it. My favourites are these two, especially the first long thin one:

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  1. Angela Horne

     /  June 21, 2016

    I like those! Postcard fun. Calla lillies are lovely colours and just enough to see what they are. Hope all well with you. Need to catch my breath this end but had lovely time with Imogen and Mid Summer Night’s Dream was fabulous. x A


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