Blue Too

So my attempt to blog weekly has failed but my excuse is that I have been trying desperately to finish my latest tapestry and here she is:

blue too

I have to admit she isn’t quite finished as I still need to knot off the top semi circle but I am trying to clear up the studio (for studio read spare bedroom but studio sounds so much better). All the wool is slowly going back into it’s boxes in the loft and then I will get out the blue warp to finish her. She has no title as yet, just ‘blue too’ at the moment. She is 70(ish) centimetres in diameter so just the right size to put in for the Cordis in October, fingers crossed. Although someone said to me recently that they are looking for more sculptural pieces with lots of knotting but I haven’t found any evidence of that requirement.

It is interesting how she has turned out, not like the original image partly because there would have been lots of curves going up the tapestry. Curves over 45 degrees tend to loose their elegance so I adjusted the image and I didn’t want too much black in there as it would have looked odd and heavy. Also there are areas of darkness which travel across the blue areas into the green, not quite anticipated but they work well. It is nice that even a fairly comprehensively planned tapestry can still produce surprises.

I haven’t quite decided how to mount her yet. I think I am going to try strips of aluminium flat across the back so she can still be rolled but will maintain a certain ‘flatness’ when hung. I am also not sure whether to block her out. It will depend on exactly how round and lumpy she is when I cut her off. She is looking very ‘unlumpy’ at the moment so maybe I won’t have to do too much to her.

What next?

I am not sure. There are some 3D pods I want to explore and another round one in similar colours to ‘blue too’ I wondered about doing it the same size so they could be a diptych, I will have to dye some more 3% turquoise yarn if that is the case, the 3% turquoise goes right through the piece with the exception of a few small pale areas. And of course there is the diptych I was originally going to do for the Cordis and thought there might be a chance of getting it done for the Artapestry5 deadline in January. Hmm! I also have to prepare the stuff for the course I am teaching at West Dean in September and a talk in October. So what are you doing sitting writing a blog Jones – go and get on with it.

And people keep asking me if I am going to submit something for the West Dean National Tapestry Commission Open call

I had assumed it is not really for tapestry weavers but then thought why not? Maybe the second circular one REALLY big. I will see Philip Sanderson next week so will ask him for more details about it. It has to be something big that I can’t weave myself.