Arts Council Funding – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, having decided to do Heallreaf 2 next year and getting the dates sorted with West Dean (not a short process) and having a London Gallery interested in taking it at the end of June I decided to apply for Arts Council England for some funding.

I had already got my applicant profile validated and then submitted my eligibility requirements over the weekend but got stuck there. When I rang them at 9.02 this morning the nice man was very good and did admit the website wasn’t very intuitive. So at 9.03 I started filling in the actual application. I had made some notes over the weekend so I wasn’t completely at a loss as what to say. Well, with a short break for a bit of fresh air and some gardening I have just finished it. EIGHT HOURS. You can understand why some people just don’t bother can’t you?

It will take 6 weeks for them to process it and so I will find out on something like the 18th September if they will give me the money or if I have to re apply. At least if I have to re apply I might then understand the difference between audience, artists and participants it can be a bit of a grey area it seems. It is rather wonderful to be able to cross ‘ACE Application’ off my list of jobs to do.

So what have you been weaving you ask. Well, not much I have to admit. There is nothing to show but a three dimensional piece that didn’t quite work:


Oh dear, that’s not such a good photo is it? Well, a bit like the weaving I guess. It was supposed to be a ball but I used a different pattern or net to the one I usually use so it didn’t work, the ends of the warps didn’t match up properly. You live and learn and I suppose I have learnt an important 3D weaving lesson there.

I have been weaving small colour samples, just for a bit of comfort weaving and to see what colours do when they are put next to each other. No photo’s but I was going to put them in a folder so you might get the odd photo of a page from the folder if I discover anything amazing – which is unlikely.

I have decided I am going to apply for the West Dean open call. I know they really want a ‘big name’ artist but it will be good experience to put the proposal together. It is going to be BIG and maybe round but if not round then shaped, Philip’s good at that sort of thing.