Still Here.

So I just heard my piece hasn’t been chosen for the Cordis shortlist. As you can imagine I am quite disappointed. There is a quick flip through all the tapestries submitted on this website:

It is really odd as you get a fleeting glimpse of all the work submitted and I mean fleeting. If anyone knows how to slow it down please let me know.

It will be interesting to see what is actually chosen, the website hasn’t been updated yet. However it did occur to me thinking about the pieces that flip through on the link and the work that has won the last two prizes that maybe traditional weft-faced two dimensional tapestry is no longer in fashion and are weavers distorting the medium in order to seem relevant to the contemporary art scene. And yes perhaps I am just as bad with the three dimensional forms I have been trying to weave. The bad news about those is that I have given up, the last blog showed the one that my brother thought looked like a desiccated rose and here is an image of the latest failures:
img_0820The end black ones are particularly difficult to photo, this one might be better:

img_0822Or maybe not, it was supposed to look like a pitcher plant with spikes but I can’t get the shape and finish quite perfect so I have given up on it. When I told PJ that he said ‘good’, so I am not quite sure what he meant. I haven’t even stitched up the red one or the blue one because I could see they were not working.

So what next I hear you cry. Well, the Arts Council declined my application for funding but I can apply again. The reason was that it was weak on ‘artistic and public engagement outcomes’ and they also said that they didn’t think anyone other than the artists would want to come to see the exhibitions. One is tempted to wonder what one can do against such ignorance but I will keep trying. I rang the Arts Council help line and asked if they could help me with ‘public engagement outcomes’ because I found them somewhat ephemeral and then had to explain the word ephemeral to the nice lad on the other end of the line (oh my I feel old – he did sound very young).

I taught the course at West Dean and it must have gone okay because I am now teaching a 3D weaving course. It is 14th to 17th May 2017.

I am now preparing for the next tapestries which are a triptych – I am never whether that it spelt triptych or tryptich, I usually go for the former because of the ‘tri’ and there being three pieces in it and spell check seems to prefer that but I never quite trust spellchecker. Anyway they are all circular, each one about 75 cm in diameter and once again they are blue and surprisingly I already have a name. The piece is going to be called ‘Into the Void’ and I have just started warping up for the first one but still haven’t sent of the image for printing and will probably need to redye some of the blues and turquoises I used in ‘Blue’ the Cordis piece. (At least I can now enter ‘Blue’ for Heallreaf 2, see if that jury likes it.) I expect to finish the three pieces around end of January or mid February, depending upon how much time I have to spend re doing the Arts Council applications. I am also starting a series of small tapestries, around 7cm square, I hope to do lots and then hang them somewhere in a very long line.

And on top of that I have to do my proposal for the BTG exhibition ‘Sound and Weave’ which is going to be about sound and weaving! Well, it is actually going to be about mother and child relationships and the sound part is going to be related to body sounds and songs of life and death. It is also going to reference the similarity between the bodies neural and vascular systems and the woven tapestry. That almost sounds like an artists statement doesn’t it?

Talking of which maybe it was the artists statement that caused me not to get into the Cordis. This is the current version:

the smell of acid dye
the twang of a warp under tension
softness of weft through the fingers and sound of a bobbin beating yarn
centuries of tradition, sharing the soliloquy
challenging the loom and the weaver
playing with textures and light

the exquisite woven bead
dark visions
of the infinite

As you might have guessed I like the word ‘ephemeral’.