Some weaving.

So life is quite busy and not as much weaving has been achieved as I would have liked. There has been a bit of dyeing and the like so I haven’t been a complete sloth.

Yes Fiona’s course was excellent. There are times when I am on a course like that I wonder why I am still going on courses when I did three years at college (I am sure PJ asks the question regularly) but you cannot fail to learn from someone who has been weaving for decades when you have only been weaving a few years. This is the piece I started on the last day and finished when I got home:


I thought the ends might be an interesting way to finish off the warp threads on my pod weavings. It looks a bit jellyfishy and floaty on the black like that.

A closer look – although I think I prefer it from a distance!


Between the last blog and now we have had a lovely trip to France. When we got there our nice friends Annie and John asked where we would like to go and I said¬† ‘How far is Angers?’ So they were absolute stars and drove us and hour and a half each way so I could look at tapestries. Firstly there are the medieval ones in the chateau which were amazing, there were so many of them but the place is VERY dark. It still strikes wonder into my heart when you think how fine those tapestries are and they were woven from the back and by candle light. There is a video showing them taking one down and they turn it over so you can see the back – yes – those greens are really bottle green and the reds are scarlet. Just amazing 0 sorry I said that already.

Secondly we went to see the Jean Lurcat tapestries at the other end of town. A nightmare to park as the inordinately loud funfair was in the car park. So you walked through these doors and the funfair died you found yourself in an oasis of calm and confronted by the series of tapestries known as ‘The Song of the World’ (only in French but I can’t spell it.) I have seen these tapestries on the internet – trust me these images do them NO JUSTICE WHAT SO EVER. Below is a link thingy to a youtube video. It isn’t very good but at about 4 minutes and a bit you get to my favourite tapestry of the lot which is the Man of Hiroshima. I cannot find a good image of it anywhere. I like it partly because it has elements of the Graham Sutherland crucifixion of Christ tapestry at Coventry cathedral. That may just be the greeny colour and the skeletal figure but something about it resonates with me. (be very impressed I managed to imbed a youtube video into my blog – I am!)

And finally after going there, next door was another tapestry exhibition of contemporary tapestries. Now I did have to take a deep breath with this one because like the Lurcat tapestries these were designed by artists and woven by weavers. But some of them were stunning.


This one is by the artist Mario Prassinos and is called ‘MacBeth’ It was one of my favourites along one by Andre Borderie but I cannot find an image of that, here is another of his, it gives an impression of the sort of images he had woven:

So too many pictures this time, but all I can say is – if you are ever any where in the vague region of Angers and even if you only have a passing interest in tapestry – just go to all three venues, it is a day worth spending.

So strangely whilst on my travels through the internet to bring you some of these images I found this:

It is call a cartoon for a tapestry and comes from this website:

It appears to be some sort of site which is an ‘online sales platform of selected design & vintage furniture’. I wonder how effective it is at selling work?¬† It’s a nice cartoon, I wouldn’t mind trying to weave it myself.

Back to the weaving frame, I will post an image of the latest as soon as there is very much to see.

I am teaching again in Angmering next month – just a day on the 12th to teach the very basics of my three dimensional pod weaving. If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the organiser.





So, no weaving then.

No weaving. The Arts Council funding has just gone off at 2.02pm. Fingers crossed this time and many thanks to my lovely friend Pernille who sat with me all last Thursday trawling through it. She just comes up with some lovely turns of phrase which hopefully they will like. It was a bit like my Qest funding application, David Stent at college went through the declined one and all he did was just make the language much more positive and I got the funding so hopefully this time will be the same. I hope so or I am going to look a complete idiot having to cancel the London show because I can’t get the cash.

So no weaving and no photo’s. Next weekend I am attending a weaving masterclass with Fiona Hutchison who is a very well known Scottish weaver for those of you who are not in the weaving world. I have to sort out a ‘sketch book of visual inspiration based on the sea’. Oh dear I don’t do sketch books. I am sure I can find something, there is that lovely photo I took of a dead gannet on the beach at Walberswick and Pernille has promised a photo of a dead fish head. Yum.

Last weekend PJ did a portrait photography course at West Dean. They asked if there was any chance of more models so I stupidly volunteered. Lots of people said I was very brave but actually I have got so fed up of PJ pointing a camera at me I just don’t care anymore.

rembrandt-lightingpjSo here is the portrait PJ thought was best out of all those he took. The tutor immediately said to me ‘do you always wear your hair up?’ and ‘do you always wear your glasses?’ Consequently the hair came down and the glasses came off (that was all that was coming off!) It did irritate slightly as I don’t see this as a photo of me, but then I was there to be their model. I also wondered whether a female photographer would have put my hair down?

Anyway apparently this is classic Rembrandt lighting, half the face in light with the light just tipping over the bridge of the nose casting a small amount of light into the other eye socket. It is a rather lovely effect – shame about the subject!