So, no weaving then.

No weaving. The Arts Council funding has just gone off at 2.02pm. Fingers crossed this time and many thanks to my lovely friend Pernille who sat with me all last Thursday trawling through it. She just comes up with some lovely turns of phrase which hopefully they will like. It was a bit like my Qest funding application, David Stent at college went through the declined one and all he did was just make the language much more positive and I got the funding so hopefully this time will be the same. I hope so or I am going to look a complete idiot having to cancel the London show because I can’t get the cash.

So no weaving and no photo’s. Next weekend I am attending a weaving masterclass with Fiona Hutchison who is a very well known Scottish weaver for those of you who are not in the weaving world. I have to sort out a ‘sketch book of visual inspiration based on the sea’. Oh dear I don’t do sketch books. I am sure I can find something, there is that lovely photo I took of a dead gannet on the beach at Walberswick and Pernille has promised a photo of a dead fish head. Yum.

Last weekend PJ did a portrait photography course at West Dean. They asked if there was any chance of more models so I stupidly volunteered. Lots of people said I was very brave but actually I have got so fed up of PJ pointing a camera at me I just don’t care anymore.

rembrandt-lightingpjSo here is the portrait PJ thought was best out of all those he took. The tutor immediately said to me ‘do you always wear your hair up?’ and ‘do you always wear your glasses?’ Consequently the hair came down and the glasses came off (that was all that was coming off!) It did irritate slightly as I don’t see this as a photo of me, but then I was there to be their model. I also wondered whether a female photographer would have put my hair down?

Anyway apparently this is classic Rembrandt lighting, half the face in light with the light just tipping over the bridge of the nose casting a small amount of light into the other eye socket. It is a rather lovely effect – shame about the subject!

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  1. Dear Margaret, it was a pleasure to meet and sit next to you at Fiona’s masterclass. Your work is stunning, so pleased to have found your interesting blog too. Best wishes Julie


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