February Already?

Yes, no doubt you are fed up of me saying things like this but just where does the time go? It goes into weaving that’s where it goes.

I have been weaving desperately to try to get a triptych ready for the end of March to enter into Artapestry5. Also I have been administering all the proposals sent into the BTG exhibition ‘Sound and Weave’ and I was one of the jurors. Stupidly I arranged the weekend for telling artists if their work had been selected for that to be the same weekend I finalised all the entries into ‘Heallreaf 2’. So last weekend was a bit fraught. Especially as my Mum was very poorly too. So that is all behind me now, and I have spent a few blissful days weaving.

I taught a days workshop on weaving pods at the beginning of December which was fun, I was asked about weaving with fishing line. So you can guess what happened next, I got some fishing line and did a quick pod.


I have cut the tails off since taking this photo and it hasn’t come undone. I am thinking of doing a larger one – this one is only about four centimetres across – I want to do one about 20-25 centimetres across with a small black one attached inside. Fishing line is okay to weave with but the weft doesn’t wiggle around the warp as beautifully as you might want it to. Hence keeping the sides straight is even more of a trial than usual.

I also have images of the triptych so far – not very good ones, the tapestries are quite large for me, about 70cm across so the first one I had to lay out on the bed and stand on the edge to get it in shot. It looks very baggy, in fact I can’t believe how wrinkled it is but then it hasn’t been blocked yet or the slits sewn up. I couldn’t sew them up before taking it off the frame (long story). Also it refused to roll right side out when first cut it off so I rolled it right side in for a while, strangely it will now roll right side out which I have always believed to be the right way, it’s the way tapestries usually want to roll. Who knows what state it will end up in when I block it.

You can just see the outline of a face emerging in the black on the second piece. (Bottom RHS). The third weaving of the triptych will be all black with the red line and the face and they will be hung next to each other hopefully with the red line all on the same level – if I get it right. I can always blame whoever hangs it if it’s wonky.


And finally, I have just found an artist called Daniel Zeller. His images are fascinating and I am trying to think how I can weave something similar. As you can see below they are incredibly complicated and I couldn’t weave that but I am thinking of the idea of several layers of weaving all stretched across each other and disappearing like ligaments into muscle, or roads into tunnels. They would have to be woven on and left on the frame, I realised that from my previous excursions into this type of weaving, cut them off and they curl up and die.

And even more finally, I had over 150 pieces entered for the Heallreaf 2 exhibition so am waiting for the jurors to come back to me and also for the results of the latest Arts Council Funding application. Got everything crossed for that one, should hear next week I think.