This time I know exactly where the time has gone.

So, unlike me, I am having a bit of a displacement activity. Weaving is usually my displacement activity but I have just heard the criteria for Artapestry5 and it looks like the piece I am trying to finish is the wrong size. Sigh!

I think I posted a bad image of the first part of the triptych so here is a slightly better image of the second part.

diptych 2

I have started the third one now but it is all black except the red line and the face and for some obscure reason I decided to weave it on black warp which is not kind to the eyes. I have this odd idea that black weft and black warp gives a much blacker and velvety black. I have done some tests and the colour of the warp does impact on the piece but I am not sure it has enough of an effect to warrant the eye strain. Strangely the one pictured above is woven on blue warp but it doesn’t look it in the picture. The light in my studio isn’t good at the moment.

Of course, on top of this weaving I have also been organising Heallreaf 2 the tapestry exhibition. The jurors made their decisions out of 160 pieces of work entered and have chosen 31 pieces and I have added a piece by Kirsten Glasbrook, one of the jurors. My work got in which I was quite pleased about. It was all anonymous so they didn’t know it was mine, well I don’t think they did. It is the round blue piece that didn’t get into the Cordis. Some artists work, like Anne Jackson or Jilly Edwards is immediately recognisable but I don’t think I have been weaving long enough for anyone to recognise mine just by looking at it.

So if you are around please come to the exhibition, details below:

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Come and say hello if you get there, I’ll be the one looking pale and exhausted in the corner.

Part of me is hoping the triptych doesn’t comply with the criteria for Artapestry5 (I have emailed to ask) as then I won’t have to be weaving til the early hours of the morning between now and the end of the month. I can maybe take some time to consider some of the experimental work I have been mulling over lately. Although I still have to crack on and get it finished, just not on such tight deadlines.

Displacement over, I’m off to weave for the day.