As usual….

a lot seems to have happened since the last post. I got an email back from the organisers of ‘Artapestry5’ and they said my triptych was eligible so I cracked on and this is the result:

Jones.Into the Void - Full View

It is about 2.3 metres wide, each tapestry being about 75cm in diameter. Fortunately the deadline was extended from the 31st March to 15th April. This was very useful as Mum was poorly again with her third chest infection in 6 weeks. Then Heallreaf 2 had to be set up and my photographer and general helper went down with some sort of flu bug and spent best part of a week in bed. I think he has given it to me as I am starting to feel a little under the weather. At least the show is up and running and I just have to be well for Wednesday which is the PV 5-7pm. The show was very quiet yesterday, only 19 visitors but was busier today with over 50. You just never know.

So now I am a trifle lost, no weaving on the go and no tapestry exhibition to organise. What am I going to do with myself? Well, maybe just head for my bed for a bit. Between two poorly relatives it has been regular to have nights with only 3 hours sleep and whilst we all joked when I was at college that ‘sleep was over rated’ I am very fond of my bed and goose down duvet and pillow.

Needless to say the house is very untidy and grubby so I feel duty bound to do a bit about that before launching into the next tapestry project, I have a big diptych organised but got Weavers Bazaar to dye some of the yarns for me and am still waiting on some colours so can’t really make a start on that yet. I have another in mind but am not sure how big to weave it. The Kate Derum awards in Australia are coming up in June and I would like to put something for that but the size limit is 30cm square so the drawing I was thinking of doing was going to be a metre square (ish) but then I thought maybe do it small and fine, but I think it will be better larger. It is an odd sort of surreal landscape and I still can’t decide whether to put in on a washy coloured background or a pale back ground. Some photoshop playing due I think. Maybe I could do it small and large.

I also have to do some work for the short course I am teaching at West Dean, a three day course on three dimensional sculptural tapestry.

Just one place left available – get it whilst it’s hot!

I am involved in an exhibition at Haslemere Museum in September and want to do a whole series of pods all about the size of a tennis ball ranging from red to black so I did start one of those today at the exhibition. I don’t usually like to weave whilst invigilating, it has it’s pros and cons but it was so boring yesterday I had to take something to do just in case today was as bad.

Yesterday I started writing the proposal for Heallreaf 3 in 2019.