Technology eh!

So, I wrote this post and then it fell over and I lost everything I had written, not even lurking somewhere as a draft.

So what’s new? Well, I heard from the Artapestry5 jury and yes they like the triptych and it has been accepted. Hurrah – that’s 600 or more hours of weaving vindicated. So it is off to Denmark somewhere around the end of the year – loads of time to put the felt backing on!

The course at West Dean seemed to go well, here are some images of work by the students: (this is where it fell over last time so I am getting them in early before the laptop does it again and so I don’t lose loads of typing.) The students were all lovely artists and worked very hard over the three days.

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Not everyone was keen on the ‘show and tell’ at the end of the course so not all the work is there, to be honest I can’t blame them it isn’t really what I like to do at the end of the course. Anyway we all got through it which was quite remarkable bearing in mind I popped home at the end of the first day to pick up a few things and some idiot drove into the back of my car and wrote it off. I would post a photo of my bruises but there is such a thing as decency, there again anything can be art.

Just after that we went away for a few days to Lynmouth and had a lovely time in a nice hotel called The Bonnicott House Hotel where I might add they do the most amazing eggs benedict for breakfast. The best day was the one where we walked up through the sea mist and sat for some hours on a hillside watching the mist come and go – PJ got some lovely pictures but also some lovely bites and I met some not so lovely ticks, fortunately I never go anywhere without my trusty tick remover.

So I do need to get some weaving done, I have Heallreaf 2 in London almost organised, just got to check a few things with the gallery, pay the deposit on the van and do a hanging plan, oh and order the vinyl lettering, so maybe not as organised as I thought. There should be an ad in the July/August Selvedge magazine, please let me know if you see it. The proposals for Heallreaf 3 are just about to go out, yes I know it’s not til 2019 but I thought the people I am sending them to might want to come to the London show.

So what about weaving you ask? Well, there are lots of ideas floating about, there’s the diptych which I am still waiting for some yarn to be dyed for, there’s the 3D fishing line pod with a smaller red pod inside, there’s the experimentation of several layers of warps on one piece looking like tendons in the human body and there is the latest piece which is based on one of my drawings and I can’t decide whether to go back to square or go round again, it was going to be square but I think round works well. Here is an image of the cartoon, it gives a general idea but I always carry so much of the finished image in my head it truly is just an approximation,

Drawinga-1.1- small


Hopefully by the next blog I will have started it. It was going to be 120 cms wide as a square so I suspect the circle will be something in that region in diameter.