Heallreaf 2

I am assuming anyone who is reading this will have already come across the exhibition somewhere else. PJ, Mike and I went to London on Monday and set the exhibition up and the private view was Tuesday night. It sort of went well, I would have been happier with a few more people there and a few more not weaving people there as well but I had a call from the gallery today and they said they have been very busy so that’s good.

So if you want to go it’s at the Brick Lane Gallery that’s 216 Brick Lane London E1 6SA and it closes Sunday at 6pm. It looks very good even if I do say so myself and as I write this blog I am hoping PJ will be sending the photo’s he took at the PV down the stairs, via the internet of course, and I will upload some at the end of this post.

So I have actually started weaving, but not the image in the last post. I have gone back to a diptych I put together some time ago but Weavers Bazaar have only just got the colours I asked them to dye for me, lots of what they are calling Cerise and Ruby colours like these:

ubergine Aubergine Cerise 20 Cerise 20 Cerise 2 Cerise 2 Maroon Maroon
Cerise 10 Cerise 10 Cerise 9 Cerise 9 Cerise 8 Cerise 8 Ruby 1 Ruby 1

And I have been dyeing the greens myself but will probably add some Weavers Bazaar greens in as well.

In between doing this I am trying to clear out PJ’s old workshop in order to use it as a studio. Success, I called a nice company in Littlehampton this morning and next Thursday morning they are coming to (hopefully) buy the lathe and all sorts of other bits and pieces. Hurrah! They are not sure about the bandsaw as it is difficult to get parts – so sell it for spares I thought but didn’t say anything. There are huge amounts of blocks for woodturning, making bowls and stuff so I might try to get in touch with the local woodturning group and see if they want them. PJ is out whilst I am doing this fingers crossed he hasn’t decided to take up wood turning again in the last few hours.

So, below are some images from the show, it looks lovely, the vinyl lettering on the window gave me a moment when it stuck in the wrong place but it only has to stay until Sunday night.


Heallreaf 170627-82

Heallreaf 170627-34