Yes, it is truly finished.

The studio this time, and here are some images. The first is looking back towards the door and the second is from the door.

I did paint the walls but the smell of the paint got the better of me (a five day migraine) so PJ finished it off, then I did the floor. It’s not brilliant but to be honest I was past caring by that time and couldn’t bear to put a fourth coat on the walls. The first coat of 50/50 paint and water straight onto the plaster was very messy.

It doesn’t look very big now it is finished and once the Weavers Bazaar Pop Up Shop and a desk (two bedside tables and a bit of MDF) got in there I began to wonder if there would be room to weave. I have now lugged all the yarn down from the loft, (took the nasty rug yarn I am never going to use to the textile bank) and there is room to weave but it will be a case of having to be very organised. As you can see in the photo’s, the ‘organised’ hasn’t quite started yet. The blind for the window has just arrived so that can go up over the weekend.

It is lovely just to have somewhere quiet to catch up with emails and stuff, although the laptop is behaving badly, the studio is a bit of a faraday cage due to the foil on the insulation. I am sure the scientists amongst you will say you can’t have a ‘bit of a faraday cage’ but I can send and receive emails and I can get onto the internet most of the time if I know what website I want but I cannot do a google search at all. I have some sort of booster thing for the broadband but it hasn’t cured it.

So I feel like I am spending a lot of time just sitting staring at the walls. I have started the next tapestry, it is a tapestry of a postcard someone sent my Mum and she said she would like a tapestry of it, so I have started. It is leaning against the wall in the second photo, not that you can see it very well. I keep telling myself it will be good experience but am not very enthusiastic. I have the second of the latest diptych to do and then another diptych after that and then 3 x 30cm square portraits. And then there is the 3D pod which will have tentacles (don’t ask). So no time to stare at the walls, I think the ‘sloth’ tapestry has to go up PDQ.

Next week I am off to Nottingham to look at a gallery for Heallreaf 3 and I have just spoken to someone in Tunbridge Wells who might be interested. I think I can do Nottingham without Arts Council funding but will still apply so we can do a masterclass and symposium. I might have to go and lie down just at the thought of it. Watch this space.

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  1. And you’re still finding time to blog about it all! Brilliant work, love the look of your studio, as ever all so inspiring. You deserve a lie down!!


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